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The Theta Healing is a technique that allows us to transform beliefs, emotions and habits that block us. Based on this, it allows us to create a new reality for our lives.

It is incredibly simple and efficient, so much so that it can be used in all areas of life. From this course you will be able to transform your life and you will be able to serve other people, helping each of them to re-signify the way they experience health, relationships, work, money.


Expand your consciousness and promote changes in your life and help people.  

There are no prerequisites and everyone can learn Theta Healing.  

The Basic DNA course you will learn: 

  • Identify and change blocking beliefs, emotions and patterns 

creating a new reality in your life; 

  • Release energetic blockages that hinder your personal and spiritual progress;


  • Access your life purpose and manifest it on the material plane; 


  • Create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healings through access to the frequency of theta brainwave and the direct connection to the Creator; 


  • To be full, living your full potential; 


  • Use your intuition with consciousness in all situations of your life; 


  • To apply the Theta Healing in yourself and in others; 


  • Activate the DNA part and learn to manifest using Source Energy.  



  • Vianna Stibal’s Theta Healing Book

  • Manual

  • Coffee Break 

  • International Certificate issued by Think (Thetahealing Institute of Knowledge).


Duration: 3 days


At the end of the course, you will be certified as a Theta Healing DNA Basic Practitioner, allowing you to use these skills as a practitioner if you choose to.


Basic DNA Course

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