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A workshop to rescue your inner child, know all the burdens we carry from our ancestors, the traumas we live, even the limiting beliefs we created in childhood, everything is revisited, and we leave the process really reborn and much more connected to our inner child. And this is really fundamental in a broader process of self-knowledge. 

We call the image we have of ourselves as an inner child in terms of feelings, appreciation, recognition of abilities and abilities, and therefore the personal satisfaction of being who we are. 


In this event we use Theta Healing to unlock the traumas, resentment, anger, resentment that have been stored in our childhood memories.  


The work is done in partnership with two more friends email therapists Luana Farias and Thais Scapim. We included experiences of the Access Bars and the Flower Bach in addition to many activities that will bring you back to childhood and heal the wounds that are still open.  


It is a great opportunity to open new possibilities in your life and have a full and happy life.  


We have already done this workshop in London and São Paulo and it was a success.  

Reconnection with

the Inner Child

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