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"When I decided to go to an appointment with Deyse...

... she guided me to do the multidimensional therapy and I felt in my heart that she would have all the tools to access my mentors and ancestors and thus translate feelings and emotions that were also kept inside me. We had a beautiful living session, I received a visit from my parents during the service, and I still had the chance to hear a message from them, which cherished my soul. I healed wounds that were in childhood and I know that through this process I strengthened myself.


About Deyse, she is always open to help me in this tireless process of self-knowledge and she knows how to talk about pain without causing harm, always speaking in a light and fun way. I am more than grateful not only for the dedicated therapist that the Universe brought me, but for the soul friend that I also gained." 

— Camila Bearzatto 

"I'd like to thank you...

... for the many sessions you've had and recommend Deyse to you. Theta Healing, Multidimensional, Access Bar... and you were even a channel for me to talk to my higher self. I would just say thank you. You have a light in you that illuminates everyone and brings calm to our souls. Congratulations on your professionalism and continue taking your work to everyone. Gratitude."

— Franciele Amaral  

"I couldn't be more grateful to the Universe...

... for presenting me with a friend and therapist at a time of great change in my life. In just one year we had a connection with so good and you pass so much security and trust that my healings were possible in a few days. 

My anxiety decreased drastically and that terrible fear that I had of losing some family member or something bad was going to happen disappeared as if by magic. My quality of life improved absurdly as these thoughts of fear weakened me and prevented me from doing some activities.

Thank you so much for being a part of my process by giving me support and welcome!

Much success and light in your trajectory!"

— Thais Scapim 

"I had  2  thetahealing sessions with Deyse and it was amazing!

The first time I didn't know the technique very well and didn't know what to expect, but in a few days I realized that there was a very big improvement in relationships within my home, as if all energy had been transmuted. 

The second time, I tried to deal with a more specific issue and realized a very big connection with myself, as if I were the strongest person in the world and could solve all my problems. 

It's a beautiful job! Deyse is an enlightening human being! I really recommend the technique and the professional."

— Flavia bottino  

"My experience with Thetahealing through Deyse's work was very amazing.

I was able to see the results and benefits of the session in the following days, limiting beliefs were dissolved. Besides I felt super relaxed and connected with myself."

— Luiza Marthins   

"My session with Deyse was very deep and unforgettable.

She has the ability to read her soul and conduct the whole process with great respect and love. Through our session I was able to reflect on the subject in question and got a lot of inspiration from how I should lead that situation that was a great challenge in my life long ago. It helped me to look at the situation with simplicity and it was liberating. Not to mention all the counselling she offers with her extreme sensitivity.


I recommend Deyse's work to help all those who are in search of themselves and in search of their own happiness. To Deyse all my respect and admiration for this beautiful work that has helped me so much and I am sure it will help many more. Gratitude Deyse! Thank you Uni for allowing us to meet!"

— Maria Claudia    

"When I came to Deyse to do Thetahealing session...

... I was experiencing a hard time in my life, it was a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety, fear and guilt. Although I was meditating and practising yoga my feelings were confused and I didn't understand what was wrong and I always asked myself where I was going wrong or why I felt that way. After a few days of my session I began to notice subtle changes in my behaviour and week later I was already surprised at how I was reacting in situations that before made me so bad. 


Theta healing opened another door into me...a side I didn't know yet. The path to self-knowledge is not easy, but with the right tools we fly away. Gratitude Dayse for sharing your light with me and so many other lives 

— Gabriela Faioli     


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